Master Waller,

For more then a year now, I regularly read and study, think, feel and muse about your very, very clear notes in the A - Z you made on your website. I enjoy the A - Z tremendously. It is a big help for me in my bagua and qigong training.

I am a women of 47 living in Haarlem, a city near Amsterdam in The Netherlands. A good two years ago I started bagua training; it came unexpectedly on my path. I had been practicing qigong for a couple of years and felt by then that I wanted to develop and learn much more about the world of inner feeling. I didn't know that bagua existed. A small flyer I picked up somewhere brougt me to my present teacher.

Bagua took me of my feet. For 8 months I searched the internet feverishly for information about this (for me) appealing and fascinating, strange and difficult, profoundly philosophical art, reading every night. That is how I found your site. For me it still is one of the most excellent and clear sites that the internet has on offer about tai chi and bagua. It is because you give a lot, but no advice.

It took me work, yes indeed, to get back to understanding that you have to do it yourself. My way of living has changed completely. Besides training qigong and bagua, I am now also a student of TCM. Now that I am becoming calmer and clearer (and sweating a lot less!), I begin to comprehend the meaning that every master can only show you the way. Here, in Holland, I am very lucky to have found two very good, traditional teachers in bagua and qigong. Your A - Z has become a kind of 'screen teacher' for me.

Just wanted to let you know. Thank you.

With my best regards,
(Saskia Wolda)

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