What do school members get for their money?

• Attend once or twice a week
• Train up to 2 hours a night

• Fully-differentiated syllabus
• Authentic skills
• High quality tuition
• Professional learning environment

• Extensive range of skills available • Address individual health concerns & training requirements
• Extremely thorough exploration of the art(s)
• Study new material every week

• Work through the 
full curriculum
• Receive regular corrections, tips & pointers
• Request bespoke tuition

• Access to highly detailed school DVDs
• Discuss taijiquan theory and related philosophies with Master Waller
• Attend workshops, boot camp and class social events
• Advanced level of understanding
• Follows the teachings of the Tai Chi Classics
• Explore 
1300 page on-line taijiquan database with guidance from Master Waller