Martial emphasis

We specialise in teaching taijiquan as a martial art.
Our classes are not tailored for the elderly or for medical treatment.


 I think it's the ease and speed at which Sifu Waller does it. It's like a magician with a sleight of hand but obviously with potentially deadly consequences. It's amazing to watch and utterly awe inspiring.


It sounds weird but since we started Tai Chi, I feel like it has changed my thinking completely and made a real difference to my everyday life. I find it really great working to a syllabus and having structured learning that challenges me. A lot of activities you can pick up as an adult are very basic and stay at an low level so I tend to feel a bit stagnant.

 Class is really fun and makes me look forward to Mondays!



I'm really enjoying the training! There is so much to learn, so I'm having to discipline myself to focus on what we are learning and try not to think about how much more there is! 

 The workshop was excellent. It was great to spend all that time on one concept and drill into it in more detail than is possible in a normal class. Plus the green tea lesson was great too, thanks.



Working with Sifu Waller is excellent, we really enjoy it and it is so interesting to see how the form and foundation work develops into the martial work. It's interesting that the more you learn the more everything makes sense! I felt great after the class and couldn't actually sleep as I was going over the things we had learnt in my head! It was very empowering to be able to complete the same exercises as the larger males and not feel at a disadvantage. My height came in quite useful in some of them! I was surprised how little force was required. It's a great group of people to work with.