Is tai chi easy to practice?

Qigong & tai chi for health movements are not physically strenuous and will not strain or tax the body.
However, easy or difficult are relative to the individual.
It depends on memory, coordination, patience and how committed you are.
Also, there is the question of how fit you are to begin with.

Tai chi chuan (martial art) is much harder to learn and requires a greater commitment to practice.

You cannot reasonably hope to master tai chi chuan overnight.
The art is very in-depth, with many levels of skill and achievement.
There is always more to uncover...

Why are your classes more expensive than the guy down the street?

Print off these pages:
Take the sheets to another class and ask the instructor to explain and illustrate/demonstrate each facet to you.
This will answer your question.


It is not about anger, it is about peace.
It is not about power, it is about grace.
It is not about knowing your enemy, it is all about knowing yourself.

(Bulletproof Monk)


Is tai chi easy to learn?

Everyone is different.
Some people pick things up quickly whilst others require more time.

A good tai chi school will have a tried and tested syllabus in place.
By systematically learning one skill at a time, the student gradually accrues information, gains physical awareness and increases the range and scope of their understanding.
But this does not happen overnight.
There is a considerable amount of information to learn. It must be revised, refined, honed and practiced thoroughly.


Who can study tai chi?

Qigong & tai chi for health can be practiced by pretty much anyone.
Fitness and age are not important.

Tai chi chuan (martial art) 
is not suitable for everyone.
If you fancy discovering the martial skills (kung fu) you need to be realistic in terms of expectations. 
We reserve the right to decline tuition:
• if we feel that a student is physically unable to study tai chi chuan safely• if an individual demonstrates the wrong attitude for tai chi chuan study