What is internal?

Exploring the internal martial arts is not the same as practicing a mainstream/conventional/external martial art.

There are many different considerations:
Conventional martial arts Internal martial arts
Obvious Hidden
Combat is the main concern Health and combat equally important
Straightforward Significantly more detailed and sophisticated
Favour military-style warm-up exercise Strength is built using unconventional means
Uses existing body habits Body must be trained to move in a manner that is unfamiliar
Mechanical Organic, natural
Jerky Flowing
Typically focuses on striking or grappling, seldom both Striking and grappling trained together
Blocking/resistant, force versus force 4 ounces of pressure, stickiness, sensitivity
Favours the younger, stronger student Age is less of an obstacle
Fighting/competition Incapacitation is the aim
Aggression/emotion Composure
Forcing Allowing, leading, misdirecting
Speed Spontaneity and timing
Isolated limb use Whole-body movement
Extended Close-quarters
Linear Circular
Planning Listening, sensitivity, adaptation
Struggling Blending
Being in your head thinking about what to do next Being in the body and sensation-oriented
Denying your vulnerability Feeling your vulnerability
Contracted, locked musculature Loose, fluid and relaxed musculature

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