Rachel offers a wide variety of tai chi skills:
  1. Qigong
    - standing qigong (various)
    - moving qigong (various)
  2. Form
    - slow form (regular & mirrored)
    - sabre form (regular & mirrored)
    - 2-person stick form (regular & mirrored)
    - staff form (regular & mirrored)
    - walking stick form (regular & mirrored)
    - jian form (regular & mirrored)
  3. Self-massage
  4. Psoas exercises
  5. Neigong (whole-body strength)
  6. Taoist yoga (tao yin)
  7. Women's self defence (including syllabus design)
  8. Martial skill (kung fu)
Rachel is also proficient with Jiang-style baguazhang.

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