How can you tell what a tai chi class is offering?

(i) Most classes are health classes
Virtually every tai chi class in the UK is teaching 'tai chi for health'.
Classes offering taijiquan (the martial art) are very rare indeed.

Some classes may advertise themselves as 'taijiquan' but are in fact teaching tai chi for health.

(ii) Martial proof

It is easy to determine if a taijiquan martial arts class is bona fide.
Ask the instructor about:
  1. Their syllabus
  2. Teaching methodology
  3. Tai chi principles (4 ounces, 6 balanced pairs, 13 postures, fa jing, folding, groundpath, opening & closing, reeling silk, shen, softness, substantial & insubstantial, sung, yielding etc)
  4. Martial theory and application
  5. Form application (7 applications for every posture)
  6. Examples of shuai jiaochin na and jing skill
A genuine taijiquan instructor will be able to prove their skill to you quite convincingly.

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