Find time for solitude in your life. Switch everything off and walk away. 
No phone. No iPod.
Leave your car behind and make sure that you travel alone.

Get to know yourself again.

Spend some time thinking, feeling, contemplating and living.
Go out in the early hours and walk along the surf. Hear only the splash of the sea and the babble of your own thoughts.
In time, your mind will calm and the inner noise will fade.

If you cannot find somewhere nice to go, spend time alone in a room or simply walk the streets.

Do not try to share this with anyone else. Set aside your insecurities and stand alone. Be strong. Be you.
This is a journey for you alone.

When you understand the peace of aloneness, you will become silent within.
This will permeate your life and you will also know silence without.
You will have found your quiet. And you will know that it is not meek at all. It lives. It breathes.
Potential resides within.

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