Kung fu master

A kung fu master has made a lifelong commitment to the furtherance of the art.
His skills are an
embodiment of the principles outlined in the Tai Chi Classics. He can apply these qualities in every situation with absolute ease and certainty.
The master has
in-depth understanding of every facet of every exercise/form/drill/application. He possesses the ability to dismantle and explain how and why the different components operate.

The main test of mastery is his u
nselfconscious, skilled and utterly effective application of the art in combat; employing chin na, shuai jiao and jing.
Grace, ease, subtlety, sensitivity, nimbleness, appropriateness and simplicity are all a given for the master.
He has c
omprehensive theoretical knowledge and the ability to discuss and explain how taoism, martial theory and actual application all tie together.

The master has the ability to train other people to become instructors.
And the willingness to train disciples to acquire every aspect of the teaching in order to perpetuate the art themselves.

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